a photo. Perhaps, what I

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a photo. Perhaps, what I

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I often hear people talk about him, talk about his people, talk about his books, and talk about the people in his books. I even saw a few books in the bottom of the adult, filled with dust. They said that it was the memory of the teenager. The boy was at the time, or had a young age. I have only recently begun to touch some of his works, but I admit that I have been convinced by him. For his book, also for him. I often think, what kind of person is this? What kind of person can write such a work? He is Jin Yong, his book, carrying the dreams of too many people. I have never seen him, not even a photo. Perhaps, what I have to do is to immerse himself in his world. In the world he created, he applauded him and applauded him. For him, it seems to be another world, unlike today's ease, comfort, pink skirts and foreign dolls. The sword and the sword are arrogant. There is often a light reflecting a bright moon in a lonely night. In the autumn night, I don��t feel cold, because my heart is boiling. My mother used to say that when I was wearing my hair, it was like "Mei Chaofeng." What is the plum super wind? At that time, think about things that are always bad. Is it a madman? Ah, or an old witch. When I was in trouble, my brother always made a move to "make the wrong bones" and let me hold it, let me sit still. In the past, my sister would have "Jiuyin white bone claws" Cigarettes Online, so that I always beat her. In the past, my children took the "Super Sword" and "Invincible Knife" to open the "Wulin Conference." Nowadays, the fake "Mei Chaofeng" distributed by the Beatles hides in the bed Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and sees that the real plum super wind makes "Jiuyin white bone claws", secretly stealing and finding the wonderful martial arts of restraining "dividing the wrong bones". The old urchin sat on the ground and scolded his hair and beard. I fantasize about learning the Huashan School's light work 800 meters Newport 100S. I saw Guo Jing and Huang Rong holding hands in Lin Tao in Taohua Island. I ran in the blood and sighed in my stomach. I saw the sun coming from a distant place, breaking through the atmosphere and thick glass windows. I saw me. In my heart, dance with the sword.
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