I was born in the capital o

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I was born in the capital o

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I was born in the capital of coal, according to historical records, in the Northern Wei Dynasty, Datong has become the political, cultural and military center of northern China. In the Liao and Jin Dynasties, Datong City is also a place for the integration of farming culture and nomadic culture. From the Yuan Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as a military town, urban construction continues to be built on the original site, which has become a historical and artistic value in China. As well as the profound ancient national culture, the ancient capital of the ancient capital is known as the coal capital. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, he has brought great pressure to the local environment improvement when it delivered more than 2.3 billion tons of high-quality thermal coal throughout the country. . "Come to Datong, four or two days a day, but in the morning, but in the afternoon." This is the real first impression of Datong. In the winter, every household has a stove for heating. Every afternoon at 5 pm, the visibility is less than 50 meters. The air is filled with a pungent smell, and a large pot lid is attached to the sky. The group with fifteen mine production scales was so glorious and how grand at the time. Therefore, more and more people are making a living here, and mof coal everywhere. At first glance, there were countless piles of coal placed on the open space and on both sides of the road mokingusacigarettes.com. The coal truck was open to pull the coal, throwing it to the roadside, throwing back and pressing, pulverized coal and mud. Mixed together, rainy days "cement road" stepped on two feet of mud; sunny, "foreign ash" ash road, together with the wind, black and white Parliament Cigarettes, the roof, the treetops, the high walls are gray-black coal ash Cigarettes For Sale. The excavated coal in situ conversion, power generation, coking coal, and no pollution control measures directly into the atmosphere, Datong has become the second and third most polluted cities in 113 key environmental protection cities nationwide for several consecutive years. The sparrows are black because of the serious pollution. The Millennium Buddha of Yungang Grottoes has not escaped, and it is also a gray face. The long-term chaos caused by the interests made the mountains here more barren and the vegetation less pitiful Cigarettes Online. Coal mining leaked groundwater, causing the depletion of springs, reduced runoff, a large amount of sewage into the river, the mother river and the tributaries of the spring river, Yungang River, Shilihe Qingshuihe City sewage river. The cavities formed by the coal mining cause the surface to collapse. The cracks in the mountain are visible at 1, 2 meters, and the others are 4 or 5 meters wide and deep, and some will take the green smoke. Like the fairyland, the coal enters spontaneous combustion. In the twentieth century, with the development of high technology, industrial transformation, urban expansion, reconstruction of ancient cities, construction of ancient buildings, renovation of shanty towns, road expansion, and infrastructure construction, the charm of Datong reshapes the ancient capital. The common people lived in high-rise buildings and lived in an information age with computers. In the past few years, the big one was a representative of dirty, chaotic and poor. The city is dead, such as today's blue, clear water, wide roads, lights, driving on wide roads, even the natives of Datong people began to feel that the city has become both sentimental and strange Newport Cigarettes Coupons.
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