ly prince, never chang

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ly prince, never chang

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Orchids, often found in poetry, can be described as countless, and Lan, absolutely do not fall in love with poetry, he prefers to stay in the quiet mountains, not the noisy market Marlboro Lights. He prefers to watch the long stream of water alone, instead of being out of the literati's pen, even if he is so beautiful. The orchid is considered by the ancients to have the fragrance of the king. He is different from other flowers. He belongs to a famous family, not to an individual. Like the king's general atmosphere. He is like a lonely prince, never changing himself because of others. Lan is very simple. Orchids can be described as the easiest to draw in ink painting Marlboro Cigarettes. Sometimes, just a few strokes, you can sketch a rough color. The color of orchid is also light-colored, light, with a fresh feeling, and the fragrance makes people quiet, instead of The publicity of other flowers, restlessness like other flowers. Lanben was born in a quiet place, but he "has a glory to the valley, not to be uninhabited." Lan is very simple, there is a simple lack of market, lack of simplicity. Lan is very lonely. A secluded place, but Lan does not like to be born in a busy city, but in the mountains and rivers to see the autumn and spring. This embodies the noble qualities that Lan is not for the fame and fortune. But because of this character, Lan is very lonely, no one will wear him because of his beauty, but Lan has never been sad. It is like a real bachelor, always sighing the darkness of the world Newport Cigarettes Coupons, because reality can not rely on its great ambition, they often return to the pastoral, let fantasy to carry that heavy dream. This kind of bachelor's life seems to be very enviable. Others can hardly resist the loneliness and feel the coldness. When these bachelors smouldering and fighting for the ancient and modern academics, those officials are also tea scented, thinking about how they can rise to the next level and search for more money. Some flowers are in the government, because of power; some flowers are hidden in the mountains, because they are so arrogant; some flowers are dizzy, just because some people watch; some flowers are refreshing, this is Because some people keep in mind; some flowers are glamorous, because he is unwilling to be mediocre, some flowers are light, because he is not in the world. Some people like peony because he symbolizes wealth; some people like peony because he admires the guardian of the gentleman, the son of the sun.
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