When I came to the

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When I came to the

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When I came to the petrochemical park, the lively scenes of the past were still in my eyes. I was really sorry to see the old site of the crazy mouse. I didn��t even sit down once and it was abolished. My favorite thing to sit on is the bumper car equipment. It seems that there is still no life. There are not many people in the park during the day, but there are many people who come for a walk in the evening. I chose to have a soft spot during the day and wanted to appreciate the lotus leaf in the artificial lake. The artificial lake is still lively Cigarettes Online, and the people fishing are lined up, with a fishing rod, waiting quietly for the stupid fish to hook Cigarettes For Sale. I remember that the water here was very deep. We didn't dare to draw here by boating ourselves. Today's deep water area has been full of lotus leaves, lush, lotus, although not many, but the beautiful lotus is always a noble symbol of the mud and not dyed, although there is no clear black and green lake water ripples inside. But the lively lotus leaf made my heart rush and worship. It can be said that this lake is also like the beauty of the hometown of Linjiang South Lotus. I carefully watched the round and large lotus leaf, standing upright in the center of the lotus. The lotus is still shining. I was born to the "Ai Lian Shuo" awe-inspiring "to the sole love of the lotus out of the mud without dyeing Marlboro Cigarettes, sputum clear and not demon, Zhongtong outside straight, not vines, Xiangyuan Yiqing, pavilion, It can be viewed from a distance and not awkward." Watch it four times. The entire artificial lake is covered with dense lotus leaves and lotus seeds. Their mutual survival is not hurt by the storm. Underneath them are lotus roots. Occasionally, the lotus petals and umbrellas that fall on the water surface are the ruthless waters. The lake drags these fallen flowers and fallen leaves. After a long time, it will naturally rot into fertilizer for the growth of lotus flowers. This is the coexistence benefit of living things. A harmonious biological chain in the plant world. There are no fish and shrimp in the lake. There is no cruel reality that the big fish eat small fish and eat fish and eat fish in the animal world. I like the artificial lake that is full of lotus flowers. It is expected that the hometown of lotus roots in Jiangnan will be moved to Xinjiang.
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