which made me rekindle th

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which made me rekindle th

Mesaj gönderen ylq » 11 Eyl 2019, 04:36

The slender fingers stroked the black and white staggered keys, and the beautiful melodies flowed between the fingers Newport 100S, through the window, and flew to the sky. The sound of the piano alarmed the birds outside the window and looked at the window. The piano sounded the people walking and couldn��t help but look up at the sky. Is this beautiful melody coming from the sky? Only you, in the The songs were kept in the small studio, and they sang over and over again. The piano is your best companion. It comforts you when you are depressed, shares with you when you are happy, and bears with you when you are sad and sad... What you can do is let the music that it pops up, shock the world. I remember that when I started the piano class, it was the teacher's song "To Alice", which made me rekindle the fire of hope when I was about to give up. I remember in the huge piano classroom Online Cigarettes, I practiced the piano alone. I remember that before and after the classroom seat, I would like to ask you to be gentle and embarrassed. Are you willing to solve the arrangement on the blackboard? In this beautiful and quiet classroom, I have a lot of memories Cheap Cigarettes. I once played the "Symphony of Destiny" on TV. I thought: If I can stand there one day, how wonderful! It is such a desire to deeply plant a seed in the heart of the little girl. I firmly believe that this seed will bloom one day, and it will be the result... So, when the teacher said that I am not suitable for playing the piano, my heart seems to be covered with glass slag, and it is smashed by people. It hurts, it hurts, and the pain is broken. Is it true that I really don't deserve to stand in the magnificent music hall, not playing the unbeatable songs in front of the world? I shook my head slyly, I told myself: I must never give up, I will be able to walk my sleeves on the teacher, the teacher touched my forehead: "Children, you have this sincerity is a good thing, can ......" "Teacher", without waiting for the teacher to finish, I cried with tears. "Can you practice without basic skills?! Teacher, will you play the piano in your life?!" The teacher suddenly stopped. Perhaps it is because no student dares to speak like this. Just as I was desperate to leave, the teacher took my hand: "Child, your determination is even unmatched by me. In the afternoon, come to class." "Hey..." I cried with a teacher and shouted. . At that moment, I knew that I had succeeded in taking the first step. I began to imagine that after many years, I could play his famous song Beethoven in the golden Vienna. There was a trace of sadness in your song. I know that leaving your loved one is your last choice. Creating music is the dream of your life. Such a poor, disabled, even the world does not give you happy people, but in the world has left such a wonderful, so beautiful movement. With the thoughts of "her", the love of music, and the inability to hear, the sorrow that can't be said, has passed through such a desolate but so great life. In the world of Beethoven, you can enjoy yourself in the ocean of music. I will succeed. *Note: "He" in the text refers to Beethoven.
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